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Nintendo Power Source: A lot of previews, reviews, pics and codes.
Gamepro online: Nintendo 64, Playsation, Saturn and many others. Contests,Chat Rooms, Downloads and Cheats
Paul's car page: Cool cars and a chat room
GameSages: Get News, Reviews and Cheats before almost every other site on the net!
Drivers for William: Rage 128 Pro Drivers

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Welcome    To    My    Page.


I just recorded all tracks from Jekel Brothers, The Great Milenko, and Riddle Box. They are all huge files, so I need to compress them into MP3s. I'll see how it goes, and then I'll post them in my downloads section. It may take awhile so keep checking back. They might be here as early as next week, as soon as I get some time off. To view my page without frames, Click Here.

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